Back in the Day – Dating Family Photos

When beginning to research family history, the most common place to start is family photographs. These may come in numbered volumes covering several generations and perhaps annotated, or maybe just a few loose negatives in a battered Lillywhites envelope. Dating old family photos is not always easy, even for those experienced in doing so; their clues are not always obvious.

The Family Museum archive comprises of a vast collection of amateur family photography, from its earliest days through to the digital age. In organising our archive, we have spent incalculable hours comparing and contrasting, and holding cryptic messages to the light. We’d love to share our knowledge with you about what we have learned to look for in an unknown and often mysterious image. If you’d like help dating your photos, get in touch at the address below, and if you agree we’ll happily blog about the experience.

Nigel Martin Shephard

Published by The Family Museum

We are an archival project about amateur family photography, based in London and set up by filmmaker Nigel Shephard and editor Rachael Moloney.

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