A Long Way from Home

When someone dies and professional house clearers empty a property, they sell off all the larger, more expensive items for which they know they have a market at auction, while the smaller, cheaper items – ornaments, books, cheap trinkets, etc – are collected together in to ‘lot boxes’. These lot boxes are also sold atContinue reading “A Long Way from Home”

A British Family on the Rhine, Bunde 1964–1966 (part 2)

This second album starts again with confusing inscriptions. The first four photos are inscribed ‘Tidworth – March 1964’. All the images feature a multi-generational family gathering with a Christmas tree and decorations in the background. Tidworth is a garrison town on the eastern edge of Salisbury Plain. By April, 1964, the family were back inContinue reading “A British Family on the Rhine, Bunde 1964–1966 (part 2)”

A British Family on the Rhine, Sennelager 1952–1959 (part 1)

This album opens with a photo taken on Saturday, 24 October, 1953. It shows Susan Rebecca lying in her cot, four hours old. On the same page, her mother, Dorothy, is photographed briefly before and briefly after the birth. Some of the early images in this album were taken at such intimate moments I troubledContinue reading “A British Family on the Rhine, Sennelager 1952–1959 (part 1)”

The Camera Takes the Picture

This photograph was taken in the early 1950s, on a summer holiday at Warners Southleigh Holiday Camp, Hayling Island. The woman in the picture is holding a Kodak ‘Brownie’ X20 Model C, manufactured between 1946 and 1952. In the manual it says: ‘Do not stand closer than 10 feet unless you use the close-up lens.’Continue reading “The Camera Takes the Picture”

A World Beyond the Picture

This is an album from the early days of amateur photography, compiled in the 1890s. At first, I thought it was Edwardian, but the women sporting ‘lamb chop’ sleeves date it earlier. With this knowledge, other signs fell into place. Women’s fashion in a picture is often the best gateway to dating old photos. TheContinue reading “A World Beyond the Picture”